Meet Heather

Hi there, I’m Heather and welcome to my blog Sweet Precision.

I’m currently plunging into my thirties and I love to bake cookies, dance in my pajamas, and curl up and read a good book. When I was younger I loved to cook, and I had a dream of one day opening my own peanut butter and jelly restaurant. These days, I live in Michigan with my wonderful husband Matthew and work as an analyst as I wait for the perfect PB&J business plan to materialize.


I bake for so many reasons. The creativity and inspiration that I pour into my recipes gives me a reprieve from my daily work life. Memories of cooking sweet potato pie in the kitchen with my dad and learning to cook peanut brittle with my great aunt have provided bonds that span generations. Even remembering the day my husband confessed to entering the pumpkin cheesecake I made for his birthday into his work baking competition and taking credit after it won, still make me smile as I whisk away in the kitchen.

Baking is something I consider to be somewhat of a science, which is what I used as inspiration for this blog. I’m good with precise things. I like numbers, I’m kinda nerdy, and I think dedicating 4 hours to making the perfect cupcake is time well spent. Did I mention that my willpower vanishes into thin air when anything with chocolate is set in front of me?


I invite you into my kitchen to share in my baking mishaps and masterpieces. I hope that along the way you will be inspired to venture into your own kitchen, throw on your apron, and try a few of the recipes on my blog!


43 thoughts on “Meet Heather

  1. I just found this vintage cooking picture of you. Could it be our famous Strawberry Birthday/Valentine’s Day Cake? Looks like you will have fun sharing on your new blog.


    • I do indeed believe that is the very cake!! I will have to make it for my birthday this year and then do a post about it. I think I will have to get the recipe from you… I bet it would make tasty cupcakes as well come to think of it!


  2. Heather – I got the link to your site from Dee. Looks like it will be a great one…especially to us ‘food aficionados!! When I got to the words “Peanut brittle”, the hunger pains started…I love it but have always assumed it was tough to make. Anyway, good luck with your site. Clay Hesser


  3. I love your blog! I think we share the same taste in sweets, even though I am not as ambitious as you when it comes to dessert-making… And your photos are wonderful! :)


    • Hey there! I just started blogging about a month ago and I feel like I’m still getting the hang of everything- its so much fun and and also alot of work! I’ve been wanting to add some savory recipes to my posts- maybe some soups for the fall. I’m about to pop over and check out your site!!


    • Thanks Stefano! I’m just getting started with my blog. I do take my own pictures but its totally a learning experience for me since I have absolutely no background in photography! Food is definitely a tricky medium to work with!


  4. I’m so excited to have stumbled upon your blog. Your recipes look great and it seems like you have a lot to share! Like you, I’m an analyst that likes precision and numbers but can’t stomp down the baking/cooking bug. :) Happy blogging – I look forward to reading more of your posts!


    • Thanks for stopping by Leah! I’m glad meet a fellow analyst/food blogger- I figure its a pretty unique combination! When I’m not crunching numbers, I’m dreaming about the next concoction that I’ll whisk up in the kitchen. Love your site too, especially the crafty projects! Looking forward reading more :)


      • Thank you so much! Your blog is so creative and I cannot wait to read more! I feel the same way, there are soo many different recipes out there I want to tackle its INSANE! Hopefully in time I can really tackle what I want to do :-)


    • Thank you! I get derailed ALL the time with my blog!! It’s hard to follow a New Years resolution to eat healthy when you’re surrounded by cookies and cakes ;) Btw, love the photography on your blog- it’s beautiful! I’m still trying to learn all the fancy things my camera can do lol.


  5. I love this blog! I totally relate to a lot of what you talked about in your About Me, and I love your blog!

    I have a baking blog as well… I am soon to be an attorney, but I hope to open my own bakey one day. I haven’t thrown my dream to the wind yet either! Thanks for your inspiration.

    Here is the facebook page link for my blog –>!/BananasSplit

    Bakers inspire bakers!! :) :)


  6. Hi Heather, I just found your blog, and think your photography is AMAZING. You also cook a lot of food that I would love to eat. Keep up the good work, and I look forward to following your posts :-)


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