Quick and Easy Dog Treats

It’s been a little over two years ago that Matthew and I took the plunge and became puppy parents. Looking back, we had absolutely NO idea what we were getting ourselves into. We imagined relaxing snuggles on the sofa, off-leash playing in the park, and a mild tempered dog. We quickly realized that our reality as puppy parents would be something completely different.

I’ll never forget the day that Maya peed on my lap, while I was sitting on the sofa. The puppy months were rough for everyone in our household. There were the 3am potty breaks, that Maya seemed to assume were playtime. There were the accidents in the house, which usually occurred right after a long walk around the block. There was the destruction of the laminate tile in our kitchen. There was puppy training class number one… and number two. The list could go on for quite a while.

Fast forward to two years later and the landscape of dog ownership has changed drastically for both of us. I remember reading that dog training is more about training humans than the dog. I couldn’t agree with this statement more. Matthew and I have been fully trained and as a result, Maya is doing quite well. I now get those relaxing snuggles on the sofa and Matthew gets his off-leash playtime in the park. As for a mild-tempered dog? Well you can’t get everything you wish for, right?!

Baking doggie treats is literally the easiest thing you can do in the kitchen. I like this recipe because it only takes three ingredients and you can customize it however you’d like. This recipe is perfect for your own doggie, or as a gift for a dog lover in your life. I got the dog shaped cookie cutters at a fun boutique store with my parents when they were in town last fall. I even found some cute ones on Amazon when I was perusing for baking items.

Quick and Easy Dog Treats
Makes approximately 48 small sized treats 

2 cups of whole wheat flour
2 four ounce jars of baby food
1/2 cup chopped meat

Preheat oven to 350 degrees and place a rack in the middle of your oven.

Combine flour, baby food, and chopped meat together in a bowl and mix until the dough becomes stiff. You may need a little extra flour or water depending on the consistency of your dough—this recipe isn’t an exact science.

On a rolling mat or floured surface, roll out your dough until it’s 1/4 inch thick. Use your cookie cutters to cut into your desired doggie treat shape. As an alternative, you can also use a sharp knife to cut the dough into squares.

Line a cookie sheet with a silicone mat or parchment paper and place treats 1/2 inch apart. Bake the treats for approximately 20 minutes or until you see the edges begin to brown slightly. Remove from the oven and allow to cool before removing from cookie sheet. Once completely cooled, you should store your treats in an air-tight container in the refrigerator.

Heather’s Helpful Hints
When adding food to your dog treats, remember that there are some foods which are off limits to our furry friends as they are toxic. Be sure to keep onions, grapes, raisins, and of course chocolate far from your doggie treats!


16 thoughts on “Quick and Easy Dog Treats

    • Thanks Suzanne! I ended up doing a mixture of banana and apple but I spent about a good 5 minutes in the baby food aisle looking at all the different options. That being said, I feel like it would have been just as easy to mash up a couple bananas and use those instead!

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  1. Maya is so cute Heather! It sounds like a wonderful two years, although quite challenging in the beginning. It is great that you are making your own doggie treats. What a great puppy parent you are :D


  2. Maya looks lovely and making dog biscuits for her is such a cute thing to do. It sounds like the first few months were hard. I don’t have a dog although I am often tempted to get one, so far I have resisted mainly because it would be much more difficult to go away on holidays or for a weekend.


  3. Oh wow, I wouldn’t have thought to use baby food to make dog biscuits, but this looks like a great recipe – and so easy! Being a puppy parent was definitely more than I bargained for as well, even though my pup never peed in my lap. You’re a trooper!


  4. Oh Heather! I can totally relate!!! My first months with Sofia were a nightmare but isn’t the same thing with all babies (no matter the species they belong to) ??? 😜 You just have to hang on there and survive those first months because afterwards you are in for one of the most beautiful relationships of your life! 😋
    You are full of surprises as always!!! Handmade dog treats with baby food? Amazing!!! And they look so pretty!!! Best puppy mommy ever!!! Maya is so cute!


    • Oh Francesca, I’m so glad that you can relate! I remember reading some of your posts when you first got Sofia! It is a MAJOR challenge at first but now I couldn’t imagine our life any other way. I still can’t believe there are people that manage a newborn and a puppy?! One at a time is more than enough for me 😉

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  5. We got a dog a year ago too and I have to agree with the statement that training is mainly for the humans and not for the dogs! These treats look amazing, I know my dog would love them! I just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for a Liebster Award! I really love your blog so I thought you deserved it :)
    Check it out here and participate only if you wish! http://www.mindfuleatsandtreats.com/liebster-award/

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