Happy One Year Anniversary!


Today is a special day! It’s the one-year anniversary of my blog. As you can see, I had a private party last night and celebrated this occasion. Since it was our anniversary, I decided that for a change I wasn’t going to bake anything. Instead, Matt picked up two cupcakes from the Cupcake Station which is an amazing cupcake shop here in Ann Arbor. We lit a candle, ate our cupcakes, and celebrated my first year of blogging.

It’s hard to believe an entire year has gone by since I first decided to work up the courage to start my blog. At the beginning it was an intimidating process. I didn’t know if anyone would care what I had to say, or let alone take the time to look at my pictures or try the recipes. Now a year later, I’ve joined a wonderful community of bloggers and enjoy the release that comes with baking, photographing, and writing. In honor of my one-year anniversary, I’m taking a look back at the past year and have picked my top five recipes to share with you.

1. These Girl Scout Samoa Cookies were by far my favorite recipe of the year. Inspired by my goal of recreating these classic Girl Scout cookies, this recipe was a hit once I posted it. In fact, I’m hesitant to buy real Samoa cookies ever again!


2. My Fourth of July Cake Pops were a vision that I had for a long time. Finally, when my parents came to visit me in DC we put that vision into action. I might have been late to the cake pop craze, but it was fun making these beauties.


3. The recipe for my Classic Pound Cake comes from my grandma Rachel. The recipe and baking instructions are simple, but sometimes there’s nothing better than a moist and buttery pound cake. Sometimes the classics really are the best.


4. This was the year of my Amish Friendship Bread baking challenge. This Rosemary Lemon Amish Friendship Bread was by far my favorite recipe. So often we limit ourselves to the traditional cinnamon loaves, but this recipe takes things up a notch by using lemon and rosemary in mini bundt shaped pans.


5. These Christmas Pinwheel Cookies won third place in the Epicurious Christmas baking challenge. When Matt sent me an email saying that I should enter something, I was hesitant to say the least. But after some encouraging from him I entered these cookies and was surprised to have a winner on hand. These cookies kicked off my 12 days of Christmas baking challenge.


Thank you for joining me on the adventure of my first year of blogging. I enjoy each and every comment and interaction that I have with you. The part that makes blogging so worthwhile is YOU, my readers!

Here’s to another year of mixing, measuring, and baking in the Sweet Precision Kitchen!


25 thoughts on “Happy One Year Anniversary!

  1. Happy blog-birthday, Heather!!!
    Flora’s Table and Sweet Precision are sister blogs – we started at the same time (we will post about it later today)!
    Thank you for giving us one sweet, yummy year! :-)
    Stefano & Francesca


  2. Happy Anniversary, Heather!!! :-)
    I think the entire blogosphere would agree with me: we immensely enjoyed your baking masterpieces and we looooved to get to know you and being part (virtually) of your life.
    We look forward to another year of sweet precision. ;-)


  3. Wow–happy anniversary! I’m so glad I found you,,,

    And I’m wondering whether it has any significance, that you chose to launch your blog on the birthday of my first-born child? As for me, I prefer to believe that coincidences like this, matter!


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  5. Happy Anniversary Heather. What an exciting adventure for you and a treat to look forward to for all-of-us-out-here. It has been fun to watch your blog march through the year with mouth watering pictures and thoughtful comments. Thank You.


  6. Hello there Heather! Just found you (on your blogiversary) via Stefano and Flora’s 1st Birthday post! Well, I’m a little late to the party but you’ve created so many gorgeous treats, I’m excited to read through your archives. Congratulations on reaching your first year. Here’s a toast to many more!!


  7. Many congratulations on your first blogging anniversary Heather, albeit it rather belated! I love your photos and your blog and I have signed up to follow you. So glad to have met you :-)


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