Rock the Vote Today

I stood in line 2 hours this morning to cast my ballot in the 2012 election. Hopefully, you won’t face the same line as you head to the polls sometime today. I also have a confession. I didn’t bake my democratic donkey cupcake—it came to me courtesy of Georgetown Cupcakes. I simply wanted to post something today to make sure you take the time to cast your own ballot in the election. As an added bonus you’ll get a cool sticker like mine.

Happy Election Day!


4 thoughts on “Rock the Vote Today

  1. Thanks, Heather. A great post for a great day for Americans. My wait was non-existant….one of the benefits of retirement and a flexible schedule. I arrived at 9:10 this morning and was out in 10 minutes. The better news was that in that first two and a half hours 633 people had voted ahead of me!! Minnesota may be on the way to an 80% turnout this year.


  2. I’m so jealous! Ahhh… the perks of retirement! So the cupcake that you see is one that Ciara and I got at Georgetown Cupcake. We ordered our cupcakes a day in advance just like you and I did, so we didn’t have to wait in line!


  3. Soooo- this is late but I waited in line outside for 2.5 hours. By the time I was inside, I had trouble filling in my bubbles b/c my hands were frozen. I then took an hour HOT shower to restore some feeling and went to bed in a sweatsuit. That is where I ate my, slightly mushed from travel, cupcake. And it was still awesome. Why? Because it tasted like democracy :)


    • Yes, I love that story! I was so cold that I came home and took a hot shower afterwards too! Ridiculous waiting outside, but definitely well worth it. For four more years, I would have waited outside the entire day!

      P.S. It’s on for fantasy football this weekend! If I loose, I don’t make the playoffs :(


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