Welcome to Sweet Precision!

First blog posts are totally intimidating.

You can relate, right? I could try and play it cool, but instead I’ll confess and share that I’ve been working on several versions of this post. I was searching for all the right words to entice you to continue reading, but… nothing is perfect, so here we go!

This blog started out months ago as just the seed of an idea. Slowly it grew as I received encouragement from my boyfriend, friends, and family. Several name and format changes later, brings us to today, which is my first post! I feel a little guilty because well… I haven’t baked anything to share with you yet. I’m actually sitting in my cubicle thinking about all the things I’d like to make.

However, this will be a long weekend with Columbus Day on Monday and my favorite season (fall) is finally here. So I plan to hit the kitchen and make something with the can of pumpkin that has been taunting me in my cupboard.

FALL - Pumpkins

Stay tuned for a delicious fall treat!


2 thoughts on “Welcome to Sweet Precision!

  1. Can of pumpkin huh? You must have an Amazing boyfriend who left that for you to bake something with. I’m pretty sure he would like to see you’re award winning cheesecake be the first baking post!!!


  2. I can hardly wait to see what you will create in your kytchen. I use the old fashioned spelling of kitchen because I know you were inspired by many excellent cooks in our family (your mother not among them but recipient of some wonderfully diverse and tasty meals). Good luck with this new blog and happy cooking to you, Heather.


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